GCOM is an orienteering meeting held in Gran Canaria. Six days under warm December sun (22ºC) where children and adults live different experiences in nature. Four stages in which your physical and mental ability and your sense of orientation are put to test.

Every year, people from more than 20 countries across Europe join us.

A family event to discover Gran Canaria through sports and contact with nature.







We are already working on Gran Canaria O-Meeting East Edition 2021

26th-31st December 2021

Soon we will update information just here. If you want us to send you updated information, contact us and request the sending of updated information (we will not saturate you, only the essentials)

GCOM 2020 video

This is how we live GCOM 2020, the first international orienteering event in Canary Islands post-COVID-19

Click here to read COVID-19 GCOM 2020 Protocols

World Champions in Gran Canaria

Discover with Tove Alexandersson and Daniel Hubmann, World Champions Orienteering, the expectacular landscapes and varied terrain of Gran Canaria.

They came and enjoyed Orienteering in Gran Canaria. Now, it’s your turn.

GCOM 2019 - Summary Video

Hi, we invite you to “get lost” in our GCOM 2019 summary video.

Hit the play button, tap full screen, turn up the volume… and enjoy.

We hope you like it and see you soon here. Gran Canaria O-Meeting 2020

G-COM 2021

Dec 26th

Acreditations and runner's bag - INGENIO | Free Tour Ingenio | San Silvestre Night Race INGENIO

Dec 27th

Long Distance - CABRÓN (Arinaga)

Dec 28th

City Race - AGÜIMES | Free tour Agüimes

Dec 29th

O- Training day 1 - AGÜIMES (Park training)

Dec 30th

Middle distance - LLANOS DE LA PEZ (Tejeda) | Trail-O (FEDO National League) LLANOS DE LA PEZ

Dec 31st

O-Training day 2 - VALSEQUILLO (Mix Training)

7 reasons for comming to Gran Canaria O-Meeting:

1. Enjoy an unforgettable Christmas
2. The best climate in the world
3. Varied and surprising terrain
4. Be part of a high level international competition
5. Meet people from all countries
6. Discover the magic of the island of Gran Canaria
7. Share a family vacation 

Sure you can think of some more… 😉


Register now in the Gran Canaria O-Meeting 2021. Get big discounts with early registration.

The deadline is on December 17th for all categories except OPEN.


Gran Canaria O-Meeting - Orientación en Gran Canaria - Orientación Canarias

M/F 10, M/F 12, M/F 14, M/F 16.
M18, M21B, M21, M35, M45, M55, M65, M75+
F18, F21, F35, F45, F55, F65, F75+,OPEN A, OPEN B

OPEN A: High difficulty (similar to M35).

OPEN B:  Medium difficulty (similar to M16).
In OPEN and Initiation classes there will be no prizes.


The exceptional location of the island of Gran Canaria, located on the 28th parallel, and its proximity to the African continent provides a very stable climate throughout the year, having an annual average of 22ºC and few rainfall.


In this renewed edition we have selected new areas with new or updated maps, high level course planners and all types of terrain: pine forest, ravines, urban…

Come and enjoy the best Christmas holidays by practicing your favorite sport and discovering our full of magic 

Always Spring

Limonium GCOM Average Temperatures in Gran Canaria