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Help us to protect yourself, GCOM staff and other competitors from COVID-19


  1. Use the sanitiser gel l in the indicated areas
  2. Mask is compulsory at all times except during the race when social distance could be possible – 2 m – (it can be removed from punching the START to the last control (nº 100) before the finish line – runners who enter the hall before punching the FINISH without the mask on will be disqualified )
  3. Respect social distancing at all times (especially at START and FINISH points)
  4.  Please, go to the competition area with the minimum time necessary to start at the indicated time. At the end, leave the competition area as soon as possible to avoid people crowds.
  5. Use of delimited spaces (bubbles) will be assigned to household members. In these spaces, personal items may be left at your own risk. The Organization does not take charge of these objects. It is recommended to leave valuables in your vehicle. You are allowed to stay in these spaces for the necessary time before START and at the end, please do not stay more than 5 minutes in these spaces. If possible, leave empty spaces (bubbles) between groups.
  6.  There will be no prize-giving ceremony. The first classified runners will be contacted to meet at an indicated time, when a small event will be held (without public). Result only on our website.
  7. 7. No public is allowed at the GCOM.
  8. Temperature can be taken at the entrance to the event. It will not be possible to access with temperatures equal to or higher than 37.5 ºC